Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday video - The Corin Tucker Band

It seems a little like heresy to write about The Corin Tucker Band to the exlusion of Sleater-Kinney, Corin's majestcially fantastically super awesome band from the mid-90's through the first half of this decade.  As friends of mine know to an absolute certainly, Sleater-Kinney is one of my all-time favorite bands forever and ever and always.  That being said, SK is on a permanent hiatus and while I can hope that the hiatus will go the way of the Pixies' and Pavement's respective hiatuses (which recently ended), at least we can all still listen to and appreciate Corin's newest band (just like we can give each other high-fives over Wild Flag, SK-alums Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein's newest band). 

Check out the video for "Riley", a track from Corin's newest CD:

And here's an in-studio redition of "Its Always Summer," which, like most of the The Corin Tucker Band's album, is a distinct departure from Sleater-Kinney's driving rock.

And then, as if I needed to solidify Corin's "awesome credentials" even further, there's this interview.  Like one of the YouTube commenters said, "how can she rock so damn hard and then just put on that adorable mother face[?]"  Indeed.

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