Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday video - Pavement

The first track off of the best rock album released this side of Nevermind*, Pavement's "Summer Babe" is so much more than the seemingly thrown-together, simple-chord patterend, noise-and-slacker-nerd rock** that it embodies on the surface.

I love this band so very much -- even some of its more inaccessible stuff (i.e. a bunch of Wowee Zowee).  I discovered them in my second year of law school and have not looked back since. 

*  Or Ten.  Or Exile in Guyville.  Or OK Computer.  Or Trace.  Alright I get it.  Lots of glorious albums in the 1990's.  But Slanted and Enchanted is Top Five.  Easy. 
**  Is it possible to be a "slacker-nerd"?  Not usually, although I think that Pavement is the answer that proves the question.  Or something like that.

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