Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Concert Series - Phish in Kansas City, October of 1995

OK, so this is a cop-out post.  I don't care.  If there is one thing that YouTube is 100% on the awesome side of the ball with it is going back and seeing if any video exists of shows I attended when I was younger, poorer, dumber, and with enough free time to be able to travel to see concerts :)

Today's inaugural My Concert Series post is the Phish show in Kansas City in October of 1995.  On a whim, I blew off some of my 1L law school classes and traveled up the road from Fayetteville to the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium with a mixed bag of some law school friends (Dana, Russell, Stewart) and other friends to catch the live act of one of the most dynamic bands around.  And I was not disappointed.

I'm not going to excerpt the entire concert below, but you can click here to go to a YouTube channel that has the entire show in 12 different clips..  It was so, so, so good.

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