Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday video - The Rolling Stones

And here's the other side of the argument.  The Rolling Stones rehearsing "Tumbling Dice" from Exile on Main Street in 1972.

I love this version because it embodies so much of what it was to be the Rolling Stones back when they were producing the best rock albums of the Golden Era.  It is clear in this video that they're really not on sure-footing with this song, as Mick keeps having to reference the lyrics and the rambling instruments miss more than a few licks.  In fact, Charlie Watts seems to be the only person in the room with any real sense of musicianship.  Yet, the song is so fantastic in shambles and you know -- you KNOW with an absolute certainty -- that if you just gave the Stones another couple of takes (and maybe some time for the booze and drugs to wear off), they would tear this song apart.  Because, well, they are the fucking Stones. 

And, like I did with The Clash, here's an extra bonus live track from 1968.  You might recognize it.

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