Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Concert Series - KISS in Little Rock, August 24, 1990

Although my very first rock concert was seeing The Romantics in the parking lot of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in the summer of 1990*, my very first real concert was KISS at Barton Coliseum in Little Rock later that August.  I went with my friends Ira and Sean and I have to admit, I was a little intimidated at 17 years old being surrounded by metalheads and old 70's rockers**.

I don't have really any solid memories of the show except that, up until that point, I had no idea how freaking LOUD rock n' roll could get.  Plus, the Sphinx-head backdrop.  Oh, and chicks with big hair wearing either 1) not much, or 2) less than that.  Still, not a bad way to break into the rock concert scene.

Remarkably, I found this clip:

And this:

Sure, I wish one of these were "Detroit Rock City" or "Love Gun" instead of the kinda late 80's lame KISS songs, but how freaking awesome that, after twenty-one years, I can find even a couple of bits of this show on YouTube.  Remarkable. 

*  I assume as part of a student activity series because it was free? 
**  Remember, this was before the big KISS revival of the late 1990's when they decided to go back to full Kabuki makeup and pyrotechnics and all that.  This show didn't have the nostalgic fans you saw at those shows.  These were the fans that had been with KISS through the long haul. 

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