Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday evening musings

Aside from domesticity, not much going on up HillcrestBlog's way.  A very fun and productive weekend, highlighted by my wife and I taking our daughter on a stroll through the throng of Razorback revelers at War Memorial Stadium.  My little girl loved the scene, with the music and sights and BBQ and red.  She especially liked the white and red pom-pom she scored and shook with abandon.

Other highlights of the weekend include the inevitable Hog victory, the one-step-closer-ness of our kitchen countertop being finished, my winning three of my fantasy football games yesterday, and the 100 pieces of tagged-and-ironed clothing I'll be delivering to the DDG consignment sale in an hour or so.  Lowlights of the weekend include the coma-like state my iPhone is currently in and the loss of my soccer match yesterday.  But the highlights definitely outweigh the lowlights.

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