Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday video - Pink Floyd

In honor of Rolling Stone not putting some half-dressed, teenage, talentless flash-in-the-pan on its cover for its most recent issue and instead going with a Pink Floyd cover, here's a little bit of that band's fantastic music.  This is pre-Dark Side of the Moon:

And this was taken from the 1994 Division Bell tour*.  Here's a great version of "Us and Them":

I was also always partial to Animals.  It is clearly the best album ever recorded using animals in an allegory about the human condition and human failings.  Well, at least since Pet Sounds ;)

*  I saw that tour, in Dallas, on April 28 of 1994, of that year with my good friends Andy, Carrie, and Constantino.  An unbelievable show.

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