Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday video - Fugazi

After taking a week off from posting videos, I'm back at it.  This time, how about something from Fugazi?

I saw Fugazi live in Little Rock at the Rivermarket pavilion ten years ago or so with my good friend MC Spookytooth.  I literally heard it on the radio on the way home from work that Fugazi was playing a show a couple of hours later and immediately called Spooky.  We met up shortly thereafter and reveled in the mosh pit and slam dancing*, which was made even better by Ian McKaye chastising the unruly crowd for acting like brainless, violent idiots.  How often do you get to see a hyper-literate, extraordinarily talented bandleader call out his core constituency for engaging in moronic behavior and have the targets of his derision love him even more for it?  A weird relationship, certainly.  Sufficed to say, the show was fantastic.

Here's another one of my favorites:

 One more? OK, twist my arm:

*  HillcrestBlogger was not one of the slam-dancing moshers.  I was not nearly in good enough shape ;)

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