Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick hits

1.  My long nightmare is over -- my previously belly-up iPhone 3G has been repaired!  Thank you Little Rock iPhone Repair.  Very quick turnaround and very reasonable price.  Being without my iPhone was like having a phantom limb -- I kept reaching for it and looking for it, but it just wasn't there.  No texts for ten days, no internet and e-mail access at my fingertips.  How did I ever survive?!  I love you, iPhone -- I will never go that long without you again!*

2.  Its one week out until Major League Baseball concludes its regular season and, more importantly, I conclude my fantasy baseball season.  Currently, I'm in second place (with a bullet!) in one of my leagues, making a strong move to win this sucker.  I'll admit -- its hard to pay attention to baseball now that the NFL is in full swing.  Its not like the Cubs are doing much this year.  But the payout disparity between finishing 1st and 2nd in this league is too much to ignore, so I'll soldier on for another week.

3.  Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Good f*cking riddance.

4.  Tonight is Rhea Lana preparation night at the HillcrestBloggerFamily household.  We topped two hundy at Duck Duck Goose.  Looking for a similar performance this week.

* Until Friday.  That's when I'm going to self-upgrade to a used 3GS (thx KLL!)

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