Friday, September 23, 2011

My favorite Razorback memory

In anticipation of the BIG SHOWDOWN tomorrow against Alabama's Crimson Tide, I thought I'd share my favorite in-person Hog memory*.  At least the one I witnessed in person is without a doubt the 1999 Tennessee game in Fayetteville.  My parents, who normally attended the home games, were unable to make it for some reason and handed their tickets off to me.  I gave my spare to my good friend Rob and the two of us, along with fellow hungover friends Ian and Carrie**, marched the 11:00 a.m. kickoff.  I remember Tennessee was ranked #2 at the time, defending national champions, riding a multi-season winning streak.  And then this happened.

WARNING:  The first 45 seconds are painful for Razorback fans of any age.  I would highly recommend not having eaten for the hour prior to watching it.

A secondary (some might say primary) memory of that day is seeing the goalpost from the south end zone torn down and carried to Dickson Street, where it was propped up at the front of what was then the Ozark Brewery.  People were signing it.  I know I signed it.  I also hoisted my fair share of celebratory hefeweizens while joining the throngs of Hog revelers mockingly singing "Rocky Top" and cheering whenever highlights were periodically played on the TeeVees in the pub.***   Dickson Street ended up being blocked off by the city for the entire day and evening as the party lasted well into the night. 

Bonus footnote **** :)

*  I have a feeling it among the favored memories of the other 60,000 people in the stands that day as well. 
**  Well, I just assume the other three were hungover.  I was :)  Friday night on Dickson Street the day before the know how it goes.
***  I also knew one of the bartenders, my buddy Bryan, who continually allowed me to cut in line and served me first despite the packed house.  Big ups to you, Bryan!
****  Rewatching the highlights, I'm struck by two things.  First, remembering how good of a freshman tailback Cedric Cobbs was.  Just so talented.  Second, how freaking good and aggressive our defensive front was that game and that year.  There were some monsters on that line.

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