Friday, September 2, 2011

The Official HillcrestBlog 2011 Razorback Pigskin Preview Post!!

Pretty sweet title, huh?  I decided to go for sports-cliché homerism (with an extra exclamation point!) this year.  I think it works a bit better than the title I would have used last year (if I had been still blogging at that point).  Yes, in my revisionist-history imaginiation my 2010 football preview post would have had a more academic theme to it and would have been titled Tales of the Cardinal and White: An Exposition on the Throwing of and the Running With the Foot Ball by Arkansas' Preferred State-Subsidized Sporting Collective for the Current Calendar Year.  That blog post didn't get nearly as many imaginary hits as I had hoped, prompting the change to this year's aforementioned sports-cliché homerism.  I think it works.  Don't you?

OK!  On to the Razorback Pigskin Preview!  Ahem...
Let's see, um...I think we'll win about nine games.  I think Wilson will be a pretty good quarterback.  It sucks that Davis is hurt, though.  War Memorial is a terrible stadium to watch a game but the tailgating cannot be beat.
Ta da!  That was awesome, wasn't it?  What, you expected more?  Man, college football prognosticating is its own cottage industry.  There is literally nothing I could say here that hasn't been finely dissected by a dozen sportswriters, local or national, to the point of overkill.  Go here.  I just googled "razorback preview" and it came up.  Its as good a summary as any.   That should tell you all you need to know, when you get down to it.  I'm as big of a Hog fan as anyone, but the amount of ink (both real and digital) devoted in July and August to what sportswriters think will happen over the next four months is pretty silly. 

All that being said, I'm totally spot-on about War Memorial tailgating.  This primer is far more interesting than any lame sportswriter preseason football...ahem...analysis.  See you on the golf course!

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