Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recommended viewing - McLeod's Daughters

Can I explain to you how excited I am about the new season of television soon to be gracing our screen?  Well, not so much the usual new swill offered up by the Big Four, but to be able to watch those handful of returning shows that aren't entirely crap after a very hot summer with a year-and-a-half old daughter and pregnant wife keeping the HillcrestBlogFamily indoors and at the mercy of whatever was on the tube.

Luckily, here at the HillcrestBlog residence we are nothing if not resourceful and are not afraid to try out something a little on the new side (for us at least).  Armed with a laptop, a Netflix account, and a VGA cable, we were able to weather the void of quality local (and national) TeeVee programming by diving into McLeod's Daughters.

An Australian-produced show about two sisters running a ranch in rural, southern Australia?  Sign us up!  I'd never heard of McLeod's Daughters before Netflix recommended I watch it, based I guess on my high reviews for BBC-produced TeeVee shows.  In any event, its a great little show, not to high on the drama, not too stupid on the comedy, with very likable but equally frustrating characters.  And with a largely female cast, which you don't see that much in stateside dramas, aside from maybe The L Word

While I expect everyone to dive back into their fall and spring shows -- around our household you'll see us watching Fringe, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and The Walking Dead among others -- remember McLeod's Daughters next May, when the new-TeeVee-show well goes dry and the thought of watching any show with the word Dancing, Idol, Survivor, Brother, or Extreme in the title makes you want to put a gun in your mouth.

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