Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday video - Weezer

Let's hit up a little Weezer this Monday evening why don't we?  And, like the Nirvana "Teen Spirit" video, I am going to slightly deviate from my live-music-only aim for music postings and have Weezer's first offering be the fantastic early 90's, Spike Jonze-directed vid for "Buddy Holly" in all of its Fonzie-ness glory:

The Blue Album is so very much my senior year at the UA.  While "Buddy Holly" was likely Weezer's biggest hit off the album, this song was my favorite:

After the Blue Album, Weezer released Pinkerton, which I liked, but it didn't get near the attention it deserved until years later when the emo generation offered it as a prime influence.  Then, the band took a long hiatus before releasing the Green Album, which was fantastic and featured this song:

For the last clip, I'm going to offer up a song the band recorded in honor of and in support of the United States Men's National Team as it prepared for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  This song was reportedly playing in the locker room after Landon Donovan's stunning extra-time goal that propelled the team to the Round of 16.  Still thinking about that moment and watching this video still gives me chills.

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